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Why Choose Aluminum Gates

11/19/2013 Back To Blog

Many homeowners and business operators are looking for alternative materials when considering gate opener installation. There is now a vast choice of materials for new gates, but aluminum is proving to be an extremely popular choice. There is a wide choice of styles and designs available and aluminum has many benefits which make it an excellent choice.


The majority of aluminum gates are significantly less expensive than steel or wrought iron gates. Decorative and elaborately designed gates can be fashioned from aluminum far more cost effectively than other metals or wood. Solid cast aluminum can provide a similar level of security protection at a much cheaper cost than alternative materials.

Lighter Weight

Aluminum is a far lighter weight material than steel, iron and wood. This allows for easier manual use and less strain on automatic motors, hinges and sliding gate rollers. This will allow easier maintenance service with less wear and tear on component parts.


Aluminum is not prone to corrosion or rust damage. It is an extremely durable choice of material which can look great and last for many years with minimal maintenance. Solid cast aluminum can be have your chosen color baked on which can provide a great durable finish. This provides a strong barrier which can provide a great level of security.

Lower Maintenance

Aluminum does not require annual maintenance to treat rust and corrosion. Unlike other materials which require sanding, priming and repainting frequently, aluminum enamel finishes are capable of coping with harsh weather elements without chipping, cracking or flaking. This can save money, time and effort on regular maintenance to keep the gate’s great appearance.

If you are considering residential gate installation, then why not choose aluminum gates. They provide a cost effective, durable and attractive solution which can perfectly complement your home, increasing security and curb appeal.

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