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When thinking of ways to add security and privacy to your business, a commercial gate is a great way to go about accomplishing that goal.  With a gate at your business, the wrong people will be kept out and the right people will be allowed in and peace of mind can be gained that no wrong doing is going on.  A Culver City commercial gate service technician can come out to your place of business and tell you the right kind of gate that will work best for your needs.  They will also be able to tell you the cost that will be associated with this gate and the time frame that will be needed to install this gate.Commercial Gate

One of the many uses of a commercial gate that can be used is Culver City parking garage gates.  These gates help to keep any cars inside and away from any vandals or thieves that wish to come inside.  Most often, the gates that will be used are automatic and an attendant will be on scene to make sure the gate is working properly.  The attendant will be outside of the gate waiting for anyone who wishes to park inside the gate.  They will allow certain people inside by opening the gate and once they are inside the gate is then shut and the car is safely inside.

There are a few different types of gates that are a commercial gate.  One of these types is Culver City overhead gates. These gates do just as the name implies.  They slide up and are stored overhead while they are open.  The easiest examples of these types of gates are garage doors.  They slide up and stay up for the duration of the time they are open. When they are no longer in use, they slide down and provide security for all that is being stored inside these gates.  These gates can be manual and require the use a person to open them or they can be automatic and rely on a machine to run them.

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Another type of commercial gate is what is known as roll up gates. These gates are used because of the small space they require to be used and the security they provide.  These gates can either be made with slats or be completely solid.  Which type is chosen will depend on the use for the gate and the preference of the user of the gate.

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