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Our experts can address your concerns when it comes to gate repairs and door maintenance. If you are wondering which are the best swing gate operators or what to do when the remote is dead, read these answers here. Find out more about gate openers.

What should I do if my overhead gate operator does not open with the remote control?

First check if the safety beam system at the lower part of the track is aligned and facing each other and that the lenses are clean and not blocked by anything. The next thing to do is to program the remote control into operator. Check if programming of operator is correct. Replace the remote control battery with a new ones if necessary.

How will I know what type of swing gate operator will be best for my need?

There are two types of operating systems of swing gates: hydraulic systems and electromechanical systems. Hydraulic systems are quieter and can withstand great wind force. They are more costly though. If you’re not concerned about noise level and your area is not subject to strong winds you can consider an electro mechanical system which costs less and are reliable too.

How does a driveway gate opener work?

The swing gates use arms attached to the panels and the posts. The arms are driven by a motor and retract to open the gate. In the case of solid sliding gates, there is a motorized gear wheel which moves the panel left or right.

Why doesn't my gate open?

If you have checked the driveway gate track and it's free of obstacles and debris, check the residential gate openers. Make sure the system is plugged-in and there's power in the house. If the gate moves by the control button, check the batteries of the gate clicker.

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